Sick baby 😰

My 8 month old is sick with a bug or something.. Thanks to a lady at church who came to church with a stomach bug (we go to a small church)..

Anyways, he's been running fevers of 103.5 since yesterday around 3. Tylenol won't really cut the fever where ibuprofen does (I alternate every 3 hours). Today he's started throwing up, and his breath smells bad like he has a sour belly and his poo is wretched smelling. He's not really drinking/eating much, and when he does he vomits it back up. I am however gonna get him Pedialyte and see if he can hold it down..

I've been to the hospital before when he was sick (he was 2 months) and they said it's a virus and sent us home.. I guess my question is should I go ahead and take him to the ER? Wait until tomorrow and see if his pediatrician can/will see him? There probably isn't much they can really do, but I hate seeing him sick..