Its kind of A long story 🎀

Kayla • Mommy of two with one on the way :☆ Aliyana Adalene 10-14-16
I went in yesterday for my anatomy scan after being so nervous for about 4 weeks just waiting to find out what my love was in the back of my head I really wanted a little girl but I never set my heart on a Girl knowing that any pregnancy it's a 50-50 chance of what gender you will get so then my mind changed from being excited to find out what it was to just be excited to be able to go shopping for the baby so when I went in yesterday and the lady started the ultrasound the first picture we seen was the potty shot and we knew right away it was a girl as soon as the technician seen it she said I know it is I looked at her and said what do you think it is she said girl I was so ecstatic I could barely hold in my excitement her heartbeat was 154 and she was 9 ounce I couldn't be more proud she was so active we barely got any pictures of her face but from the ones we did get i can twll she is Gorgeous 10/16/16 can you come Any faster 😊😊😊