Should you press charges?


My mom slapped me across my face and on my arm my face is bruised cause I was "loudly" giving her my opinion I'm seriously thinking about pressing charges & my SO agrees and so does my dad I feel so humiliation and embarrassed I can't believe she would ever hit her own daughter me n my SO left but I left my bag of clothes there should I go back or just not go there ever? I was in tears then while she hit me she said that's what I deserve my SO said babe it looks bad I promise I will never lay my hands on u! I can't even imagine ever hitting my babies (me & my SO are ttc baby #1) and we just went to visit her I can't trust anyone....

UPDATE:::: me & my SO left and are now back home in our house n I'm still Shaked by it all but I don't have anything to say to her at all I just left after it happened at her (my mom's house) n I won't be talking to her for awhile nor will I see her... I don't think I'm going to press charges but I'm now safe in mine n my SO house so thank you all for caring 🎀 it warms my heart to see that people care