I have a question...Help

So my man & I have been together for a little over a year & a half. We had that normal relationship where we always wanted to hangout and what not. 9 months into dating we moved into a house together.. Things stayed the way they were for maybe 2 months then the not caring so much started.. The only time we see each other is for 10 minutes before we go to sleep & he says its normal and that he's just used to seeing me.. My birthday came around, I got nothing, barley a happy birthday.. Our one year, nothing either. Christmas, I got nothing either because he apparently didn't know what I wanted.. When I literally told him exactly what I wanted, a promise ring.. He tells me no and that I don't need one because I should just know he cares n loves me even tho he doesn't show it. When I get him stuff a lot for occasions. Always think of him when it comes to food and spending time n what not. . What does this mean for our relationship??  help