PCOS at 16

At 16 I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was then put on Metformin Er 500 mg taking 2 a day to regulate my periods. When I turned 18 my insurance cut off and I quit taking them. Now at 21 I started taking them again in October last year when I got insurance back. I took them from the middle of October until about February of this year and only had one period and that was the beginning of November, 2 weeks after being back on the metformin. I stopped taking them because I was not getting periods and I was ill constantly. I have still not had a period since November. I bought an ovulation test yesterday at the Dollar Tree just for the hell of it, not even hoping for a positive or anything of that nature. About a minute after it started reading I had to do a double take and THERE WAS 2 lines!!!! I never thought I would get this excited about 2 little lines on a test. We have been ttc for a year and a half and spent numerous amounts in pregnancy tests each month hoping for a positive. I finally just started to give up hope and even started saying "it's never gonna happen". The ovulation test was just pretty much for me to take just for the hell of it. I'm hoping this is the month we finally get it. If I'm this excited over this test, I might have a heart attack over 2 lines on a pregnancy test!!