Mixed Babies and hair..

Is there anybody that is mixed with black and Hispanic while there SO is black? I'm just curious to what hair texture your babies/children have. I have a cousin who had one mixed parent and her dad was full black and she came out with black people hair but than her sister who's parents are both mixed with black and Hispanic came out with curly hair. 
I'm mixed with curly hair (1 parent Hispanic, 1 parent black) and my bd is black so I just want to get a general idea.
Update* Everyone who got offended seriously grow up. It does matter to me because I would like to be prepared on how to properly do my daughters hair since the only experience I have is with curly hair. All I have to do with mine wet it, pug some moisturizer, brush, and style. I have friends who are black and I know that they can't put water in there hair or moisturizers or it will get puffy and nappy looking. One of them has a daughter and her hair is always
 Looking horrid because she don't know what to do with it and she don't want to put a perm. So for the people who can't seem to get passed the "black peoples hair" shut up seriously. Everybody already knows that white vs. mexican vs. black all have different hair types. Thank you everyone who saw my point!