How I got my BFP!

This post is meant for women who are trying to get pregnant.

I really wanted to share what I did differently the last 2 months which resulted in positive pregnancy test.

Just a quick intro about myself:

26 years old. Usually irregular cycles (30-38 days).

1st pregnancy resulted in a loss at the end of 2015 (I was 5 months along, very tragic). Tried to get pregnant right after that.

Now pregnant with second baby. Currently 4 weeks along.

This is what I did to get my BFP:

1) Raspberry leaf tea:

I drank raspberry leaf tea a cup a day for 1,5 months before conceiving (it is considered safe to drink even when pregnant, so I keep doing it)

2) Maca powder:

Took 1tsb maca powder everyday for 2 months before conceiving. Important not to take this in your luteal phase when you might be pregnant! I know it might taste gross but it was worth it for me. Mixed it with a cup of milk or a cup of fresh pressed orange juice. (also it regulated my cycle!! Which I never had in my life before ;-O)

3) Baby dancing:

Started baby dancing 8 days before ovulation and did it every 24-36 hours. (It ended up being everyday for 8 days straight)

4) Only Vaginal mucus:

Not using any lubricants but only my own Vaginal mucus. Sometime it was hard because there was not a lot of it, but we tried to give it more time and eventually it worked out great. (So no spit, coconut oil, lubs, other oils, …)

5) Raw and real food prenatals:

Taking raw prenatals Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal and Mega Food Baby and me (both herb free) for several months before conceiving. I kept switching between both of them. One week I took one kind, next week I took the other kind.

I don’t promise it will work for everyone as great and quick as for me, but I thought it might be at least helpful to some of you.

Wishing everyone lots of love, strength and positive thoughts!!

Baby dust to everyone!