My Changing Body

Lauren β€’ Wife, J β€’ 3.2017 πŸ’• Mom, A β€’ 7.2016 + A β€’ 12.2018 + A β€’ 8.2020 + A β€’ 7.2022 πŸ’•
I've gone through 31 weeks and 4 days of hating my changing pregnant body. I've gained weight, a shallow belly button, half of a linea negra, and these fabulous stretch marks that crown my belly ever so obnoxiously. Today, however, is day 1 of embracing and enjoying pregnancy. Today is the day I'll appreciate the changes my body has gone through to give my boy the perfect womb for him to grow in. Tomorrow, I may wake up and feel down about my body again. But at least today I have felt him squirm, wiggle, and hiccup and I have never felt more beautiful.