Velamentous and Marginal Cord

I was diagnosed with a marginal cord at 18w, and two weeks later they did another scan and said it was velamentous. She has been measuring smaller, which is to be expected, but then jumped up at the last scan and was sitting pretty at 48%! Because I am diabetic (and it isn't well controlled even with insulin and oral meds), they were expecting her to be larger, but the cord is actually keeping her smaller to normal.
 Anyway, I have one more regular appointment, then they said I would come back for an ultrasound and NST two weeks later, then I will be getting an NST twice a week each week after that, with an ultrasound probably every other week. I already warned my manager so she could get some staffing help (we are losing two other nurses for new jobs, so we are going to be short without all of this!) I was going to be doing weekly NSTs and every other week ultrasounds because of being diabetic, but they want to do a little more because of the cord. 
Point of post: Does anyone else have this? Are you going to be doing similar visits?