TMI Chemical/ early miscarriage 😰

May 15 I had a faint positive . Made my appt for blood work Monday the 16th. 
17th line was faded as I kept testing every couple days 
 18th blood work 
19th line still faint 
20th went back for more blood work to see if they rise . Doctor said my beta is a 10 and my progesterone is 2.6 which is really low and that this wouldn't be a viable pregnancy. See how things go over the weekend and I'll call you Monday with Friday's results ... 
21th  today Saturday.! Started spotting wasn't worried because I wasn't cramping .! Started cramping  more spotting now I have a small clot . 
I'm so sad .! I was hoping my lil bean would stick but God has other plans I guess 😢 
Does anyone know how long do u have to wait to get pregnant after an early mc??