I hate having an anterior placenta.

Tara • Wife and mother to two boys💙
This anterior placenta is really so frustrating. I can actually feel the baby moving a ton.. But I rarely feel kicks anywhere on my stomach if that makes sense. I can feel him switching positions and moving around but all the kicks i feel are like in my butt and on things inside. I dont know how to explain it. Im not entirely sure if this has to so with the placenta being in front or if its how he is positioned. Im 28 weeks and i have no idea if he is head down. At my 24 week appt he was breech according to what the OB could feel. My stomach gets super hard at the bottom of my belly to the point where its actually pretty uncomfortable and its straight across my stomach when this happens... Then he'll move and it feel fine. I know every pregnantcy is different but i never experienced this when i was pregnant with my first son.