Subchorionic hematoma


I was at work and all of sudden I feel small gush. I hit the bathroom and its blood and it just starts flowing. Needless to say I'm panicked! I work in hospital so all in had to do was get to the ER. I found a coworker who was awesome enough to help me get there. I was able to put on a pad but I could feel it leaking through within minutes.

While I sat for a ridiculous amount of time waiting for a bed every horrible thing ran though my mind. I'm only 8 weeks but I had been trying for this baby for awhile. If I lose this baby i would feel like a failure, what did I do wrong?

My husband finally showed up and I got my room. I got up from the wheeI chair and it was scary to see all the blood. I wasn't in pain so I just tried to keep calm and remembered to breathe. The Dr said not all bleeding means miscarriage. Really? But there's so much?!? Really? At this momment I'm hopeful....but ready for the news I may hear.

The great nurse gets me comfortable and sends me off for the ultrasound. I wait some more and consider what they may or may not see. The ultrasound tech had an incredible poker face and i thank her for that. I asked nothing, she said nothing.

I get back to my room. I'm starving and i noticed the bleeding has subsided. The Dr is back and she has some it comes... Oh no.....?

She said. likely had a subchorionic hemorrhage from a subchorionic hematoma...fancy name for a collection of blood in my uterus. The fetus is still there but there is no heartbeat...yet. Its STILL early she says and we will monitor your hormone levels.

It has been 24 hours since this happened and I'm am hopeful my baby will get through this. I'm thankful I decided not to share my pregnancy with people I know and a little disappointed I couldn't pull off my surprise announcement to my family.

The next few days will determine where this pregnancy will go. Everyday is precious.