What do people say about TTC that makes you angry!?

Theres some things that people say about ttc that really annoys me, especially when coming from people that know jack about ttc or who got preg in their first months of trying. I've noticed this more and more lately, especially as we get closer to starting treatment and after hearing them for 2 and a half years. For me these statements are;
​'Just relax'
​'It'll happen for you'
​'Have you tried .........?'
​'We're close, you can always spend more time with our kids'
​There are others but right now I can't think of them. They don't know it'll happen for us, we've tried relaxes for over 18 months and it didn't work, yes we've tried it and just because it helped you for the 1 month you tried doesn't mean it'll work for us, and how would you feel if you could only spend time with your friends kids and not have them yoursf!!??!!?? 
As you can see these statements really upset me and make me angry. What statements help / upset you? Or am I alone in this?