Hello all


Hello all! I popped a 2.75kg baby out on 14/5 8.01pm.

On 13/05 7pm visited gynae for routine checkup. No dialation. Dr stretched little bit. Cervix started to soften.

14/05 6am Contractions started 15 mins apart.

8am Contractions 5mins apart. Gynae asked to monitor.😯

11am Contractions 3mins apart.😯

12noon mucus plug dropped(pinkish brownish discharge).😮

12:15pm put on ctg monitoring as baby was hving single loose loop around neck.

Baby heartbeat was dropping till 120bpm while contraction else 140bpm n above.

1pm admitted to hospital.

1:30pm 2cm dilated.

4pm 3cm dilated.

6pm couldnt take e pain. 😝 Still 3cms dilated.

7pm waterbag burst.😯😮

went to OT as doc decided to go for ceaserean coz of baby heartbeat.

7:30pm was put on drip. 4cm dilated.

7:45pm 7cm dilated. Drip started to increase contraction. Doc team decided to wait for 10 mins as baby head started to descend to birth canal. 😣

7:55pm baby head was in birth canal. Doc can see head. Now confirmed for normal delivery.

Gynae teared my perineal area.😯

8:00pm final contraction pain. Pushed very hard due to pain.😝😩

8:01pm Princess Myra was out.😇

8:05 pm Saw my princess. 😊 😇😙

8:10-9:10pm perineal stitches were going on as for me none of the pain killer injection or anaesthesia injection or liquid or drip worked. Got 5 injections, 2 drips n 2 liquid(direct on perineal area) but not worked.... Was having lots n lots of pain..... 4 deep stitches in total....😢😣😩

9:20pm Saw Myra n forgot all the pain n am very happy..... 😊 ☺☺😙

Stitches still paining but all good for getting this beautiful gift... 😊 ☺☺😙😙

For the rest of the mommies who have yet to pop continue to jiayou and faster go n do/eat all you want!