Letter that I found

Hey ladies I need a advice. We are moving out to our own home while packing our things we were going through all his paper work from is old job now he cheated with his coworker let's name her bre and one day bre went up to my husband and asked to speak to him about something so as a manager he called a woman manager to sit down and speak to bre. Bre had stated an other coworker let's name her Alice had stated to another Coworker let's name her Jackie and Alice told Jackie that my husband wasn't going to come down to another depart to help out because he was upstairs in his depart with bre because they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Bre was offended by this because they weren't dating. His is letter to his boss he stated that because of this rumor he might loss his job and his family. It wasn't true. So I was angry and had asked him why would alive think like this. Where you guys flirting at work. Mind you bre is the one you cheated on me with. He said he is telling the truth that Alice was upset she wasn't getting enough hours but since Alice wasn't apart of him team or department he couldn't help her with hours so she made it up. What you guys think should I believe him or not please help me ladies I am going crazy