ok, I've been single for a while. I haven't been dating nor "talking" to anyone, and I haven't really been too worried about it bc I just wanna focus on graduation and working and going to college in the fall. so, the other day at our senior meeting, a good friend of mine saw me and pulled me to hug him (I'm not a big hugger but he gives great hugs!) anyway, he wouldn't let me go (I wasn't complaining tho, lol) and he kept saying stuff like "I'm gonna miss you" "I just wanna feel you" and he started stroking my face then he was like "this is my baby!" and then my heart started beating HELLA fast. like, woah, bc junior and senior year, I lowkey would go from having a small crush to not having one bc I didn't think he would like me like that and I'd bounce back and forth between those feelings. I just wanna know if anyone can tell me if it seems like it means anything, or if I'm just trippin bc I've been single for a minute. 😬