Ungrateful Cousin! Advice Nedded.

I have a cousin, I see her like a sister. her mother passed away when she was a baby.

So she stayed with her dad.

She's 17yrs old now. She moved in with my hubby and i 4yrs ago when she was 14 i guess because her father didn't really do much for them he was always drinking and wouldn't buy them want they needed or pay much attention to them so my cousin was always out getting high fighting getting in trouble she didn't care for school she was always skipping.

So when she moved in with my hubby and I 4yrs ago we cared for her we bought her clothes shoes everything a teen needs. I would send her to school every day I would go to her conferences teachers meetings etc. She had good grades she wasn't getting in trouble anymore and she had what she needed.

We get along really good problem is she has a really bad attitude and is a bit lazy anyways everything was going well until I didn't let her go out cuz the night before she had gotten home at 2a.m she told me that I was nobody to be telling her what to do I told her that I had the right cuz she was living in my house and I was caring for her, she got so mad she started to tell me off and she left the house and moved in with one of her friends, well this friends mom would let her do everything she wanted, she wouldn't go to school started to get high again wouldn't go home in day's.

I talked to her and she came back home but it wasn't the same she wanted to do what she wanted didn't listen, she wouldn't help around the house, she would even have her boyfriend spent the night even though I had told her no multiple times.

Well like 2 months after she had moved back she asked me to take her to her boyfriends house (it was like 2am) I told her that it was to late that I would take her next day.

Again she got so mad she called me a bitch, and left my house walking at 2am,I told her it was late to come back inside obviously she didn't listen.

After this happened she moved in with her boyfriend to his brothers house, She always complained to him about having to clean a house that wasn't hers having to cook etc.

Well like 6 months after she moved in with him she got pregnant, and as soon as she got pregnant. I guess he got tired of her complaining he packed her stuff and kicked her out.

She came back with me, she didn't talk to him for like a week, but after that they made up. but she is still staying here cuz she tells him that she's not moving back until he gets her a place, but he is not doing anything to find something he's just always getting high with friends this is an every day thing even when she lived with him she was always here with me or by herself at her place.

And well I think that now that there back together even though they leave in separate houses he should be giving her money for her to spent I mean she's pregnant she has cravings we're the ones having to buy her everything even though he's in the picture I didn't mind back then, but now I just feel like if I'm just been used.

I'm always taking her to her appointments every where she needs to go buying her every craving she gets, but when it comes to me asking her for a favor she never can the other day I asked her if she would babysit for a couple of hours and she said No that she had better things to do.

I got mad I felt very stupid Cuz she has done this to me a lot of times and I keep on helping her out. she's just not thankful I mean she's staying here for free doesn't buy anything she don't help me clean not even the room she sleeps in the least she can do is babysit for me and its not like if I need her to babysit everyday she has only babysat for me twice in 2 months and I payed her to...

I don't know what to do anymore, I can't tell her anything, cuz she gives me attitude. I really do like her she's like a little sister to me, but I really can not take this anymore. what should I do?