Discussing TTC with your mum ...helps!

Carol • Mother to 2 lovely kids Liam age 9 and Penelope (Penny) age 1 , also expecting baby number 3 due September 2016 ! 💙💗
Been chatting with my mum about TTC , she gave me some brilliant advice . She told me it took her years to conceive my sister and I . She needed clomid to help with ovulation. it took her 3 years to conceive me!! 
​she knows my struggles and it helped to chat with her about it . 
​I confessed to her that it upset me that my sister now has 3 children that were all "oops" babies too. 
​She said don't get too clinical , it nearly cost her and my dad their marriage! My dad had speem count issues and my mum had ovulating problems and they still managed to conceive so it's gives anybody hope.
​Mums are the best !! Truly