Kelley • I`m 26 ,married to an amazing man, with a beautiful 4 year old daughter. We lost our son at 19 weeks March 29th 2017 due to spontaneous water breaking... we are trying again and have been since July 2017 . It hasn't been easy and doesn't seem to be gettin
Ok so I had my period in October it it started the 28th and ended the 30th/31st. I've had some tender breasts and a few headaches. My nipples are very sensitive but have been some what sensitive after having my daughter a year and a half ago. Last night I all the sudden got horrible cramps in the front. ( normally get cramps in my back during my period) a had a few cramps in my back but nothing like the front. I woke up this morning no blood just discharge. I am trying so hard to remember when I got pregnant with our daughter and I remember the cramping bc it was what tipped me off I was pregnant but didn't have any implantation bleeding until after I found out I was prego. Thoughts on what's going on?(learn more on Glow: more on Glow: