How do you feel about dating middle eastern guys?

I was wondering how anyone feels on this topic, not too long ago this Egyptian guy asked for my number & we hung a few times etc. He was from Egypt and his English was ok. We went out a lot, he was pleasant, and I got a lot of negative comments on it. I personally do not judge "arabs" because I like to get to know people as a person, not as what they are made to be. It was strange I'll admit but things were good. He started saying weird things to me though & he even said he was going to take me with him to Egypt. Then he started acting very very strange toward me, and would get angry with me if I wouldn't come with him at certain times he would pick. When he started doing that, I really was being distant because something about that didn't add up. So days go on, he stopped calling me and texting, so I asked him what was going on.. He said "you know I have a wife & kid and I am going back to egypt to marry my second wife" my mouth dropped, because I didn't know any of that he never said that... And it was weird, seemed like he had other intentions for me... Anyone else ever have experiences similar or have a thought on this?