Taco • Just here for the comments...

Just more TWW ranting.

It'd be so much easier if there was flashing lights and loud party music that went off at the moment of conception to tell a girl she's pregnant. But no. We have to friggin guess for 2-3 whole weeks on whether we're experiencing PMS or are we actually pregnant?? And you must resist the urge to test too early, even though your body is going haywire. Is it a baby, or is this month's PMS raging hardcore just for fun? Ugh.

So for the record, just for kicks, I'm experiencing:

Nausea (but no throwing up), headache, cramping in lower abdomen, craving sour cream and milk and nothing else (everything else makes me want to throw up but for some reason I won't), sore breasts, cranky (gee I wonder why), extremely tired all the time, had light brown spotting 2 days ago for about 5 hours, creamy white CM since then...

And trying to wait 5 more days til my period is officially late before I test.


Anyone else?