Implantation, Ovulation, Something else

Hi I hope yall can help me. I was put on provera last month to stop prolonged bleeding and regulate period and it worked. I was supposed to ovulate on the 28th but idk if I did reason I say this is because on the 4th and most of that week I got ovulation type pains so when my af didn't come on the 11th I figured maybe if I ovulated late then af will be late plus a few days later I got a negative test. Today af didn't show again so now idk what's going on. I did an implantation calculator and it said that there's a chance I implanted sometime during the week of the 4th which is the exact same time I could've ovulated so now idk which one it is and its weird that af isn't here when I just took provera last month to regulate it and it worked then so I don't think it would just up and stop working again a month later but who knows. I'm just so confused. Comment if you have any insight you don't have to just vote and thanks :)

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