I want to share my personal experience in order to help others

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I want to share my personal experience in order to help others. My husband and I got married when we were 28. We are both healthy and fit. We both workout and I am a health nut. My husband will eat "junk food," but I must say the family has wonderful genes. Anyways, we started trying a year after we got married. That was the fall of 2009. We weren't getting pregnant and we didn't understand why. I kept going to different OBGYNs for a diagnosis to figure out the issue. I asked my husband to have his sperm looked at since I was told everything checked out. So my husband complied. Unfortunately, he went to his primary care physician and wasn't informed that he had a low sperm count. Fast forward to 2013. I have now seen 5 OBs and still being told I'm fine. No one bothered asking to have my husband go to a urologist. Instead, I was put on clomid even though I had a regular monthly cycle along with everything else being normal. I went ahead and started the clomid. It gave me the worst side effects. That was the last straw and I made an appointment for my husband to see a urologist. We found out that his sperm count was too low. It would have been a miracle to conceive. His urologist put him on clomid and with my husbands convincing, he put him on HCG. It's been 9 months with this combo and I just found out that I'm six weeks pregnant! We have been trying for so long, I was in disbelief. It took me a few days to believe that I'm pregnant. I'm sharing this story with you today so that you make sure to get your husband checked. Don't waste anymore time ladies. If you are struggling to get pregnant and know everything on your end has checked out, please do yourselves a favor and have your husband go to his urologist. I have no regrets. I believe God wanted us pregnant now. I'm blessed in being able to procreate and I'm in bliss.