Brown spotting - HELP!

K • Devastated. Just lost my precious baby at 13 weeks.
I'm 8+1 today and I've had brown spotting for just over a week. It doesn't happen every time I wipe but does happen every day. I do not have any cramps and feel fine otherwise. My breasts were really tender but that has eased a little bit over the past 2 days. I've read this is common to spot as there is more blood in the cervix and any irritation can cause a bleed such as an orgasm, straining to go to the loo or an infection, etc.
Last week I felt queasy but I feel fine now. My bloating has also lessened. I'm petrified that perhaps my baby has stopped growing or died etc., but I'm too scared to go to the Dr. My GP is not the greatest as he never told me anything when I went for my first appointment so I'm just assuming he'll say there is nothing he can do. My first antenatal appointment with a midwife is 4 weeks away where I will get an ultrasound. Please, I need some reassurance...?