Cycles after Chemical Pregnancy?

I have always had pretty regular cycles (30 days) - been off birth control since late October. 
On 2/17 had a BFP (was so excited, had all the symptoms too) - didn't think to test anymore and on 2/24 light spotting and went to doctor and HCG levels were at 5. So on 2/25 had full on flow and doctor said I had a chemical pregnancy. I counted that day as CD 1 for period. On 3/10 & 3/11 I took a clear blue digital OPK and says I wasn't ovulating. On 3/12 got a soild smiley.  So I know I ovulated between 3/12-3/14. Had EWCM on 3/13. Per Glow - I should have got my period on 3/28. I took a pregnancy test on 3/25 (per glow), 3/27,3/28 &3/29 all BFN. So I am wondering how long it's taken to get back to a regular cycle after a chemical pregnancy. I don't feel many symptoms that I am pregnant and hate to keep taking tests getting negative results :( also I just wish I could get a BFP if I am or AF arrive so I can try again... 
​Also I've been charting BBT and it remains high?