Whats in ur diaper bag?


Im due in September and i like to be ahead on things as much as i possibly can so i have my diaper bag packed already can u tell me what's in yours ladies so i know what to buy take out put in etc thank u :) my list is below first time mom. I got this list on line so i followed it here it is :

°12 newborn diapers (huggies little snugg)

°travel size baby wipes (huggies natural care)

° baby powder & diaper cream

° 4 bottle liners

° 2 bottles

° 2 pacifiers

° q tips & tissues


° baby lotion

° throw away wash clothes ( so i can wipe him down before we leave )

° 2 hats

° scratch mittens

° 2 pairs pajamas

° 2 outfits

° 1 pair of socks

° 1 flannal & recieving blanket