Need support

SO had court for custody of his 4yr old & judge completely took the moms side. He had pages and pages of proof that he has always been and wants to continue being in her life and wants nothing more than a 50/50 relationship with the mother. He is working part time right now(waiting to move up in company) and his daughter ADORES him. We can have her all weekend and she'll be in tears going home saying she doesn't want to be with her mom and she's very aware that her mom doesn't let her see her dad or even her own grandparents at this point because she got a boyfriend who is very disrespectful and she basically ran off with her man & the daughter cutting relationships off with everyone. Her own mom was in court today not even to support her but to be there for my SO. Now we have 20 days until my baby is born and child support that is wayyyy too high for us to afford. I'm not working and depend on him for everything right now and it hurts me and stresses me that life could be so unfair. He wouldn't even care about the $ if he got enough time with his daughter but every other weekend and two hours during week? I'm so stressed and feel helpless. She should want the best for him because that is the father of her baby regardless of who is together or not. How long am I supposed to stay positive & strong when life hits us with back to back blows?