Migraine Troubles

Hi ladies! 
I'm very early on in my pregnancy (5 weeks) and I suffer from very severe migraines. The kind that make you want to pull your hair out and will wake you up from a dead sleep. 
Well at 3am this morning I woke up out of my sleep because of one. The only problem is I have yet to see a doctor and I'm super nervous about taking anything for my migraines. Typically the only thing that helps is ibuprofen and a heating pad. Well being desperate I took 2 ibuprofens and of course within 15 minutes I'm throwing up for the next hour or two. 
Yes, obviously I need to get in to see a doctor but damn small towns aren't that easy to get in to. So here's my question:
What do you do to offset the pain of headaches/migraines?
Any advice will help!