so lost

I've been with my current bf since we were both 16 (21 now) and these past 5 years together have been great but ever since Christmas of maybe 2014 I've been feeling as though I need something new. The sex has gotten terrible. He doesn't even try anymore because he says"we've done everything there is to do. It's no fun anymore". He stopped trying to take me on romantic dates, he rarely will speak to me throughout the day. It's like we are strangers who just happen to live together and sleep in the same bed. So about 6 months ago, I met a guy and we started to hang out. He's cool, I'm not in love BUT he's giving me the attention I've been craving. I don't want to ditch my bf but I am totally lost on how to fix our relationship. He's said he wants to work things out, but no solid attempts have been made. Any solutions??