Steph 🌸 • 22 in a relationship for 6 years x2 miscarriages x1 beautiful daughter 18 months old and I'm pregnant with hopefully number #2 so over the moon
So apparently not having anyone to look after my 2 year old daughter is not a good enough reason not to be able to come into work both me and my partner have had problems with work lately one morning no one rocked up and I had to stay on later as I'm a carer for people with disabilities and they need 24 hr care so my partner rang up to let his boss know he couldn't make it to work because he needed to watch his daughter because I couldn't leave work for if I did then I would have lost my job due to abandonment so he has been given a final warning because not having anyone to look after your child isn't a good enough reason to not be able to work my boss has been the same when I couldn't get a sitter all I got is it's not my problem work it out they make it so hard for both parents to work what am I meant to be if I can't get a sitter I'm going to stay home I can't bring her to work and I can't leave here home by herself! What am I meant to do