PCOS supplements

Mirella • Trying to conceive since August 2015. Diagnosed w PCOS in October 2015.
So I just wanted to write a bit on what things I've been taking to help with this syndrome. So I am 4'11 and 180 lbs. I have been struggling to lose weight since I got off birth control back on July 2015. I had been on Nuvaring for about 7 years. 
Shortly after I never got my period until October 2015 so that's 3 months in between and then I didn't get it again u til January 2016. I was finally given the PCOS diagnosis back in November 2015.
Since October I was put on 500 mg of metformin G and then in January increased to 1000 mg per day. My blood work back in October showed my free testosterone levels at 12. Yup that's right doubles what the normal range is 0.1-6.4. Either way I just got another blood work done in May 2016 and my free testosterone is now at 7.4!!!! 
I think metformin helped a lot BUT, here are some of the other supplements I have been taking that I think helped as well...
Vitex (I swear by this... It really stops hair growth... I take 3 a day)
Vitamin D 1x/day
Chiroin 4x/day (2 in the am and 2 at night)
I have also adopted a low carb way of living... Yes I eat French fries here and there I just attempt to not eat bad daily. I stay away from coffee, alcohol and dairy as much as possible ( I love cheese)
My periods are still not regular but I am happy to know that my testosterone levels are going down! 
I will likely try black cohosh once my periods get more regular to ensure egg production, for now other than metformin everything I am using has been natural supplements. 
Message me if you have questions...
I have tried geritol... Didn't do anything although I am anemic so I do take 2 iron pills a day