I know there are a lot of these questions but I need some advice! Please and Thank you!

So my boyfriend and I had sex the first day of May using a condom. And then my May period was a few days late but I eventually got it and it was normal. Well this past weekend I saw my boyfriend and of course we had sex. My period was supposed to start on Saturday but it didn't. Friday and Satuday my boyfriend stuck it in for like a minute or so but then took it out and we did other stuff. Then we had sex twice on Sunday but with a condom. Well my period still hasn't come and I was wondering if there would be any chance at all that I could be pregnant from this past weekend. And if I was will I miss my period and would a pregnancy test be able to detect it about a week after I have sex?? I just need some advice. I mean I haven't really noticed any symptoms besides a little cramping which I thought was my period coming but hasn't yet and shows no sign of coming. I also have been a little shorter of breath or it seems like it. And very slight nausea every once in a while. But is it even possible that I am pregnant?? Sorry this was so long and thanks in advance for any advice/tips!