Natural momma

So been married 9yrs in July ,we have 5 beautiful girl.I love everything about pregnancy ,Being a Mommy :) anyways after our 3rd my husband had told me he only wanted 2 :( wow I wanted a ton but we didn't talk about this in the beginning .So after our 4th he was pretty mad ,Than had our 5th which he was fine so I brought it up and he doesn't want more and I do .So he is telling me I need to get my tubes tied which I don't want to so I said since your the one that doesn't want more you should get a vasectomy, Which he won't .I have prayed for years about this it's so fustrating I'm not for birthcontrols unless safe .Please so judgement I care about what I do to my body.Only comment if your trying to help this is fustrating ,I love my husband but when I bring this topic up he doesn't really talk about it.