This pisses me off

I saw this today on Facebook. And it really upsets me.

First off, any woman who has carried a child inside of her, knows damn good and well what that entails.

Second, why should anyone be judging a person because they feel comfortable in their own body?

I'm already not comfortable with my own skin, let alone wondering how it'll look after I give birth. I don't need some poor excuse of a person telling me I look ugly because I had a child.

Maybe, just maybe, we got up the courage for the first time in months to wear something even the slightest bit revealing of our midsection. Just to be laughed at and made fun of by someone who doesn't understand.

This isn't just for women who have given birth either, we should all appreciate our bodies. We shouldn't have to listen to someone tell us that we're too ugly for something. If we feel beautiful in something, then we should wear it.

Whoever made this picture, I give you the biggest middle finger I fucking can. And I will walk out in a bikini or crop top if I want to after I give birth. And if you have an issue with that, you can gladly suck my toe. Because I don't care.