My biggest fear

I tend worry to worry about things that are beyond my control. I guess I'm a little like my grandmother who worries about everything! My husband and I have been together since I was 13, and I've grown up with him.(i am independent and have a college degree and a job) A few years ago this girl at school said she could read palms. She told me that mine said I would get married twice. A voice in my head always tells me something is going to happen to my husband. Every knock at the door or everytime the phone rings my heart drops to my stomach and I'm terrified it's someone who's gonna give me some bad news. When my husband drives to work or is away I freak out a little an cant go back to sleep until he calls me and let's me know he made it to work. He's always wanted to be a police officer and that's always worried me. But I'm not going to hold him back from something he wants to do. So I finally accepted it and he's Descided to pursue that dream. Is anyone else like this? Should i get anxiety medication or something?