He called me dude... 😂

So 😂 my grandma met these guys at the outside of our apartment, they were playing soccer, so she told me to go and meet them because we just moved here and I don't have friends, but 😂 me being the shy and dumb girl that I am 😂 I denied so I didn't get to meet them, but... But 😂 I got hungry and I was too lazy to make a sandwich so my grandma and I went to buy a sandwich or something, and for my luck they were playing soccer at the front of our apartment 😂 so they were like (oh hi) and they were confused because my grandma told them that I am a little girl 😂 so they were like 3 guys and they greet me, one them said ( yo come over here) to a guy and idk if it was to say hi to me or what, but when he came he was like (sup dude) and I'll be lying if I say that it didn't bother me 😂 because it definitely did 😂 because I'm not a dude... I didn't even get to see if the guys were handsome because of that guy 🙄 so I'm not asking for advised but... Yes I'm going to ask something 😂 so why did he called me dude? I'm making this a big deal because my period just ended and... That's how emotional I get 😂