Venting.. I know some people are more in to natural birth and some people want every medical invention used. 
What bothers me is when you put down the other person for it! I was talking 
I my cousin who has had the hospital experience for delivery and a home birth. She will swear by home births. That's great!! No judgment it worked for her and it was a beautiful experience!! I work on L&D and I want my comfort blanket of knowing I can have an epidural if I choose, I personally like knowing I am near an OR.. It's what I want, not wrong or right. But please don't tell me 'I am weak or dumb' for wanting medicine close by. Also I told her since I work on L&d  and I plan to deliver were I work. I plan to work up to delivery literally, walking around at work on the clock until I hurt so bad either it is time for me to deliver or get an epidural and hang out until delivery time. My cousin said I won't be able to because if 'I am in true labor I won't be able to. '
All of this is just my plan not set in stone I am open to change as long as my son is healthy that's all I want. 
Thanks everyone for listening