HELP Catching Feelings for a Hook Up

Ok so please, no judgment. I recently had a bad thing going with a guy and needed to get over him so my girlfriends suggested using Tinder and putting myself out there. I made some matches, one guy seemed cool and we decided to meet up at a bar. We had cocktails, he was super sweet, we laughed/made out and I agreed to go home with him. I was a virgin, I didn't tell him until we were already in the act - but I just turned 20 and I finally feel comfortable with my body and I have gotten over the notion that me having sex is about anyone other than me. Yes, ideally I would have wanted to be in love, but this guy was super sweet/gentle/patient and I felt comfortable which is more than a lot of girls can say of their first time. Well, I ended up sleeping over and we held each other until like 1 pm the next day when he drove me home. Originally, I felt able to be forward because I am leaving in a week to study abroad so I figured we'd never see each other again. But we had a lot in common and agreed to see each other again. We snapchatted/texted a bit - not a ton but just keeping up/flirting through the week. The next date, he introduced me to his roommates, tried to have us meet his friends (leading me to believe he wanted to show me off a bit- a far cry from past guys I've talked to). We went to a brewery, talked about life, fed each other Pringles, he put his hand on my leg and would lightly kiss me but we didn't talk sexually until we got back to his place. Again, he was kind and patient and kept getting my approval as he would move forward. The thing is, he knows I'm leaving soon and I didn't want to develop feelings but now I have. I know it's probably not worth pursuing because we've known each other a short time and long distance wouldn't really make sense (when I get back in a month I'll be living 4 hours from him which is a lot to ask of a hookup buddy). I just wanna know if I should tell him I have feelings/if he sees me as more than his sex buddy?? (Sorry this is so long!!)