My little secret.

So , I just wanted to share how I got pregnant. Lol I think it's sort of funny. 
So the morning it happened I woke up after having a dream about having twin babies. 
I even texted my mom about it. While doing my makeup for work S/O decides he wants sex... Like I didn't even want to, I was already late , trying to get ready. I even had a fit before saying fuck it lets go. 
( this is the 8 of April, period ended the 5th) 
The condom apparently ripped up inside me because after he came he pulls out to find the condom is only on half of his penis and all of the cum is - in me. 😂 
I have been wanting a baby since my miscarriage in October. So I was like OMG THIS IS MY CHANCE. 
I look at my cAlander , which is the first month I started the period <a href="">ovulation tracker</a>. And it says I'm not in my fertile window for two more days, and ovulation isn't for like a week and a half. 
But my first child was conceived really close after my period so I had hope. 
S/ o wanted me to get plan B. 
So I was like omg that's like 100 dollars and besides. I'm not even fertile or ovulating. I won't get pregnant. ....
But I deffinatley did. 
But I felt like it was ment to happen. It's like I knew it was going to happen. Even though it was a long shot. I mean some of you, because I know how girls on here are, will say I did him dirty or something like that. Trapped him or was being deceitful. But he was the one who would not take no for an answer. Who wanted to randomly have sex and make me late for work. And then for the condom to just break and him not even know? 
It really really felt like it was ment to happen. So there was no way I was going to take those pills. 
I never really told him I knew I was going to get pregnant , I mean medically NO ONE CAN KNOW , but I do have amazing intuition and almost predicting abilities. ( no I don't see the future) 
I just have a very strong sense of knowing. Always have. 
But I really just wanted to share this with someone. Sometimes I feel guilty but I am so happy, we are married now, he is happy, his parents are extatic.