Daddy helping out

How much is your SO helping out? I feel like all I do is beg for help occasionally and then get the most half assed assistance he can muster up. We are first time parents, I'm off from work now but plan on going back in a few weeks. He works exactly 40 hours a week- 5:30am-1:30 ( great job great benefits). He has changed two diapers in four weeks. He comes home and eats, gets his stuff ready for the next day and lays down. All he does is eat, sleep, workout, and work. Occasionally he will watch the baby while I grab a shower or run for diapers or whatever. I run most errands with the baby, all baths, almost every single feeding ( bf and formula together- he will do it if he's up and sitting on the couch and I happen to be cleaning or cooking). I clean and do laundry (this house is spotless). He says he can't help at night because he's up at 4 am (my response is but you're home by lunch - it's not like he's up at 4 working until late hours of the night. I don't know how I'm going to go back to work if he doesn't even know where the wipes are kept( in the changing table 🙄). Our baby doesn't sleep at night and he sees/knows I don't get to sleep at night and I'm up during the day. We are thirty years old!!! He's not a child- wtf. He says his job is tiring (mind you I do almost the same job somewhere else but more advanced.)