I may go to jail today 😡

So I just logged on to my Facebook and I was shocked by what I saw. I am going through a divorce right now because my soon to be ex husband had an affair. He started the affair in August after we married last June 6th. I caught him in March and after us trying to work on things for a month he asked me for a divorce. He said he felt I deserved better and that he had a lot of guilt built up for what he did but I know now that he went back to her. He is still on my Facebook and so is his family at least until the divorce is finalized so if they start talking about me I can defend myself. But this morning when I got on Facebook he is in a relationship with that girl. I can't believe that he is such a butt head that he couldn't even wait for the divorce to finalize and he told me Monday he doesn't know when he can file for it because he is broke. I know God has a plan for everything and everyone. Please keep me in your thought and prayers today because I need my job a lot more than I need to go to jail! 😡😡😡😡 Am I in the wrong for being so upset?