Hi there so heres the story:
Im am 18 years old about to graduate high school, on may 13 i had sex for the first time around 7:00pm i really didnt want to and it was more of peer pressure and a one night stand he didnt ejaculate inside me, because i didnt even let him put in all the Way inside because i was scared so after that i told him to stop and so he did after that i started ro read about precum and how they dont feel it so i got nervous and went and bought plan b around 9:00 am (sorry if its tmi) anyways after taking plan b a week later may 19 i had a light/regular period you could say lasted around 3-4  days it was 2 weeks before my expected period, so i guess it was the withdrawal bleeding? after that i went to the gynecologist and explained to her what happened she told me i wasn't pregnant because of the pregnancy test they did which made me feel better but i still think that maybe it was a little too early to know because it was only a week after, but now june im 10 DAYS late and im am freaking out!!!!! When am i supposed to get my period!!!?????  Can someone tell me if theyre period was late too!?
Your comments and responds would be extremely helpful thank you sm! God blessI