What do I do?

Yesterday my boyfriend of 11 months broke up with me. After months of me busting my ass to make us work, he decided that it wasn't working for him. But he doesn't call it a break up he says it's just a break until he's ready, I'm not sure how long that's supposed to take, but I think this is a break up. Most times when a relationship ends I distance myself from them out of habit and to help myself get over them. But he still wants me to talk to him everyday, come see him on weekends, only have sex with and be with him romantically. I love him more than anything, he took my virginity, helped me out of my depression, and he loved me when I didn't even love myself. I just don't know what to do. Not being in a relationship with him hurts especially when he helped me so much and now he can be with whoever he wants. I want to be with him but he's not ready to let me go and he's not in the right place for a relationship. I feel so stuck and this hurts so much, can anyone give me advice? Please..