So happy!!!! ☺️☺️ (just really needed to let my excitement out!!)

Ashleigh • 18•06•10💕👫. 09•01•17💙👶🏼🙈. 09•01•15🙏🏼👼🏻💚
Been for our second scan today!! first one was private this one was with our midwife & it's just amazing how much baby has grew👶🏼 and his/hers heart beat is still going good and strong!!💕👏🏼  our little miracle is so precious already to us the love is unconditional✨& it was mesmerising watching him/her having a good little wiggle and kicking it's tiny legs when the lady was pushing down on my stomach😩💕 
🎉🎉Due 12th of January🎉🎉
(Scan doesn't look anywhere as clear as it showed up on screen😕)