Best sex ever... For me at least 😣 Advice please!!

I totally just hooked up with a guy, never did it before. He is like 7 years younger than me so I wasn't expecting much, I didn't know him at all just thought he was fine and wanted him bad. If you know who trey songz is.. Ok this guy could be his taller buffer younger brother no lie fine AF lol. So we both agreed to do it. I met up with him, to make me more comfortable he turned off all the lights the most sexiest sexy time music and just went for it. went down until I came then I returned the favor but he didn't cum he got up and we started having sex, and I'm not talking about missionary boring slow he twisted and turned me in ways omg I came again now I'm thinking ok I'm not going to let this little boy turn me out so I pull out my best move I laid him down and rode him reverse cowgirl style just as I was getting into it he yells "ouch" asked me to get up and ran to the bathroom, turns out he just had surgery on his knees and I was pushing on his knees also my ass was on his bladder and made him have to pee! 😣omg I felt so bad. He was in so much pain that we had to stop and he never finished.

We made plans to meet again and try again. I really want to because the boy knows what he is doing but I am so scared of hurting him again I'm afraid of it being awkward and he is so fine I feel a little intimidated lol I don't know should I just go for it? Would you? He was super sweet about it, and is really nice and respectful. This is just a FwB thing so should I care this much? I mean its just sex right? Lol idk.. Your thoughts??