Need advice :(


My LO is 17 weeks and today was his first day at daycare. It's been mostly me and him his whole life so I wanted to transition him slowly ( I go back to work next week), so he was only there from 8am-1pm. When I went to pick him up he was SCREAMING and it looked like he had been for awhile because his eyes were red and swollen, and his voice raspy. Everyone there said he had a good day ( what else are they gonna say?) and i thought, okay he just has to adjust to the people and sharing attention.

When I got him home, i took off his pants to change him and notice this huge scratch (I can't post a photo but it starts at his ankle and goes above his calf). I get that things happen, but do you think they should have mentioned it?? It's big enough that they should know something happened. It makes me really nervous to send him back.

How should I approach them? I don't want to sound crazy so I'm not sure whether this isn't a big deal or something to be really upset about. :(