Right or wrong?what's your,opinion?

Mexiflower • Hi im Christine. and we are trying for our last baby:) i have a girl12 boy10 girl5 boy4 girl1

Ok so I hand make baby items. I met a girl and quoted her for the items she wanted she paid me then later that night she changed her order to the upgrade items which was $13 more. I made everything and met her at my,doc appt place. She looked at the items said her sister is coming to pay me the 13. She then drove off with all the items . I called the cops and filed a report he gave her 48hr to pay me. She didn't. Now I'm aware it only 13 but I worked hard for that and she stole the items from me in front of my 11yr and 2yr old. I had appt right after to only find out my baby might not make it to 20wk. I'm 14now. Husband got discharged last Nov no work still I may lose my home cause we can't pay it,so you see now how that 13 means more to me.not to mention my 11yr saw how easy it is to steal and she needs to learn that you don't get away with things like this. So i googled her number and found her fb pg and where she works for the cops not only that I was using a sale app that is sending over her address and any info,on her when she signed up.

Am I wrong for pursuing this when she 38wk and it's $13? Idk just thinking to much about this,i have way to much going on. I started this to bring in cash to keep my,family where they are so we don't have to move in till he finds work cause my little job is not cutting it anymore.