to the young girl who "overdosed" I am here for you!!

You deleted your post as I was typing a very heartfelt reply! πŸ™ I'm worried about you and if you are just needing someone one to talk to I'm a great listener!Β 
I don't know if you are truly trying to overdose or if maybe you are searching for someone to talk to-but I choose to believe you aren't lying and am begging you to call 911(or if you are in another country whatever is equivalent to 911) so please call & get help!
This hurts my heart that I don't know where you are or who u are because i want to help!Β 
I've been through this with my daughter (recently) & I want you to know that if you might not believe it you are so loved & needed you still have to make your mark on the world don't take that away from yourself!!!Β