So terrified! 18 ftm

Im 38weeks pregnant, 18 and a ftm. Please dont get me wrong i love my little girl with all my heart and i may be young but me and my partner of 3 years are fully independant and financially stable. But i am absolutely terrified of having a baby, not so much the actual labour and giving birth but of having my own child to raise once labour is over. Ive read all the books i can read and i still dont feel prepared, i am so scared of being responsible for this little baby when i know absolutely nothing. I have 2 weeks to go and i feel like its really starting to hit me how much is going to change. I love my little girl and cant wait to meet her and see her beautiful face but im so terrified. Has anyone else felt like this, i feel awful for thinking like this, my baby is my world and an absolute blessing its just such a big change