Things I did differently this BFP month

In case you wanted to know... As Mac asked too. These are the following things that I did differently this month:
1) told you guys, my husband and my mum that I was getting pregnant this month. I also told my mum and husband it would be twins. 😁
2) did NOT use preseed - even though we have done for well over a year. 
3) had a massive argument about sex on cd9. Then actually quite enjoyed it for the rest of the fertile window. Had sex days: 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18. 
4) took Seven Seas "trying for a baby" preconception pills instead of pregnacare. Also took multivitamins quite a few days so turns out I had about 400% of my daily allowance of folic acid. Which might not even be a good thing! 
5) had a crazily dark opk on day 14 that I posted a photo of on here. I knew that was different to normal. No control over that one though obviously! 
6) had ovulation cramps on my right side when everything is ALWAYS on the left. I knew that was different too. Cue me thinking I have a problematic left ovary after 18 months of trying. 
7) my boobs hurt from 3dpo. This happened when I was pregnant last April (mc). 
I'll have a think if there are any more. 😘
Mac, I hope you see this! xxx